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FREELABEL is a created for musicians, writers, journalists, columnists, fiction writers, graphic artists, designers, photographers and inventors.

ARTISTS are the trendsetters of our current society. We turn ideas into reality.

"Exclusivity is how you Build Value."

We help you work smarter, not harder.

With your FREELABEL Account, you'll discover a new culture of Independent artists hand-picked & delivered to you in the most Interactive Experience on earth. FREELABEL Subscribers always come first. We send out a printed copy of FLMAG before it gets released to the public!

What We Do


Connect with fans and build new relationships. Digital + Print. Make a Personal Impact with exlusive Interviews, Live Streams, & Behind -The-Scenes content like nothing ever created before.


We know know that visual presentation is turns ideas into reality. FLMAG is a Digital + Online Magazine reaching out to over 5,600,000 views each month via online and physical distribution.


Take FREELABEL with you wherever you go. Stream music from your car or any device. All of your favorite radio shows, music, videos, and posts are available in your pocket.

Creating a Visual Presence of your Brand

Our focus is providing our clients with top quality content. We want the music industry to be valuble 200 years from now. FREELABEL's only daily operation consists of provide our artists with a platform to have access to studios, photo/video, and instrumental production.

Our Vision

All of this started when The Internet & Music Industry first merged into one. Artists were reaching out to BILLIONS of new fans but getting paid less for their music. New aritsts were emerging, good and bad, eventually oversaturating the market. We as musicians, felt the responsibility to provide balance between Free Internet & Independent Music Industry. FREELABEL is decades of experience. FREELABEL is every genre. FREELABEL is dedicated to implementing true universal authenticity in all media arts.



We connect your projects with experienced visual designers to make your ideas come to life.


We mix and master all your music before it hits FLRADIO.


Any interviews, releases, or events you preform will be broadcasted WORLDWIDE LIVE on FREELABEL.

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